Crossroads caring for carers is here to help in every possible way we can!  We offer specialist support for family carers caring for someone with a dementia, this is our DISC service.  Please click on the link for DISC to find out more.

In addition, our care staff will navigate you to a variety of health and social care professionals.  Please call us to speak to one of our Care team who will be happy to advice if you would like to access a care package for your loved one enabling them to remain living within their own home, or if you wish to discuss how to access funding from the local Clinical Commissioning Group or the Local Authority.  Our team can advise on many issues, so please do get in touch.

Within the community of Sandwell, we employ an “Empower” Navigator who links with Rowley Hospital, Leasowes, Sandwell STAR team and Hendersons units.  You will note that these are rehabilitation services.  Our Navigator helps people who have a short or long team illness, wishing to return to their own home, but just need just that little something extra to make a difference in their life.  This will be by way of signposting to other charitable or organisations based within the community or to just let you know what is going on within the area to where you live.  If you would like to learn more about what is going on local to you, please contact SCVO on 0121 525 1127 to make a request for Emma from Crossroads to contact you.