Dementia Information and Support for Carers

DISC (Dementia Information and Support for Carers) is a service offered in Birmingham and is specifically for carers of people with confusion and memory problems and is part of Crossroads Caring for Carers. Our service started in June 2003 with a small team of Dementia Support Workers, this service has now grown to cover the whole of Birmingham.

Caring for someone with Dementia can at times be difficult, exhausting, lonely and overwhelming. Our DISC team support family carers through their journey of caring enabling them to continue for as long as possible. Carers in this situation need to talk to someone who understands and has helped with navigating through the care system, which is often complex. Our service is about helping prior to your loved one having a diagnosis, helping to signpost, looking at options, support with the implementation of a care package or access financial support and to engage and join our Carers Groups, meeting others in a similar situation enjoying the peer support. The list is endless.

The hallmark of the DISC Service is that it is person centred, flexible in approach, accommodates different language and cultural needs, aiming to support carers at all stages of their ‘journey’, allowing family carers to dip in and out of the service.

Services Provided

The range of support available includes:

  • Ongoing support and advice
  • Information on aspects of the law, benefits and finances
  • Liaison with statutory and community sectors (advocacy)
  • Help with arranging respite care to enable carers to have time away from their caring responsibilities
  • Infection Awareness Training, helping to reduce the need to visit your GP and hospital admissions.
  • Weekly carer support groups
  • Social outings
  • Call Care facility
  • Moving on group
  • A shoulder for a carer to lean on

There is no charge for any of the services provided.

Family Carer Dementia Training

Our D.I.S.C Team will be happy to deliver Dementia Training in the comfort of your own home. Any questions you may have they will gladly answer and will provide you with an all-round understanding of Dementia, enabling you to care for your loved one in a knowledgeable way.

This dementia awareness will provide you and your family with an overview of the specific type of dementia that your loved one has and coping strategies to allow you to deal with everyday challenges.

It can help the family to understand more how the person with dementia is feeling and in turn allow them to be more sensitive to their needs and enable them to empathise with their behaviours and communicate more effectively.


We work with carers from all walks of life and are proud to bring people together.

Carers Groups

We hold weekly carers groups. It’s a chance to have a break and see expert guest speakers.

Here To Help

We have detailed knowledge to help you get appropriate support and will work by your side throughout.

Local To You

Our dedicated teams work closely with you across the Birmingham Council area with carers groups in four locations.

Here To Help

You might not have any experience of dealing with services and benefits before and it can be exhausting and confusing. We can help you with filling out forms, being with you at assessments and explaining how it all works.

Support Groups

We run support groups for people just like you. Our groups are weekly and carers can get together with other people in a similar situation. Our groups are like a big family. It is all very informal and we will give you a drink and a snack to keep you going.

Here To Listen

We will listen to you, respect your confidentiality, and offer some suggestions that may make things better. We don’t want to make decisions for you, but help you to better understand your situation, and make informed decisions for you and your loved one.