From the 1st April 2020 Crossroads will be launching our new service – Caring for Carers Dementia Support Groups, in partnership with Birmingham Carers Hub.

    Caring for Carers Dementia Support Groups

    Caring for Carers Dementia Support Groups are groups specifically for carers of people with dementia or memory problems living in the Birmingham area.

    We will be launching a number of groups across Birmingham. The groups will provide direction, information, emotional support and signposting to appropriate help when required. We are very sensitive to the journey of  ‘a life with dementia’ but also very sensitive that we are all unique in our journey and illness – ‘one size does not fit all’.

    The environment will be supportive, sensitive, loving, factual, but also a space to share and listen. We will aim to keep you updated with several topical issues to support your journey through talks, speakers and presentations.

    Many of our carers having walked this journey will go on to share those experiences through volunteering at our groups in all kinds of roles. (Please make contact if this sounds right for you).

    Coronavirus Pandemic

    During the current coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic, we will be following government guidelines, so please note, the meeting of groups is suspended until further notice.

    We will be staying in contact with carers by phone or other media (Zoom video groups are coming soon!), so we can continue to foster relationships and offer emotional and well-being checks to you and your family. We are also able to help if you are struggling to explain coronavirus and social distancing to someone with dementia.

    By staying connected we will be able to advise as to when we will be able to launch our groups. Please remember our groups are for you as the carer of someone who is supporting a loved one living with dementia, however, should the need arise, and you need to attend with your loved one we will not turn you away.

    Contact our Caring for Carers Dementia Group Coordinator on 0121 803 1065 or email

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