Schedule in-home care exactly when you need it

Caring for someone in your family with dementia can be difficult. The person that you are looking after may be at the beginning of their dementia journey, or further along. We offer families information, advice, advocacy and support on an ongoing basis for as long as you need us. You can drop in and out of the service as you need to, some of our families have been with us many years.

If you live in Birmingham, Sandwell or Solihull and have a GP in one of these areas, or pay council tax to one of these local councils, our services are FREE.

Our Services

We support unpaid family carers who are looking after someone who has a memory problem or a diagnosis of dementia. We can visit you in your own home, speak to you by phone, or you can come to one of our support groups.

Most people use different bits of our service at different times. We assign you your own support worker, who will keep in contact with you. We try to keep you with the same person so that you can get to know each other, and you don’t need to keep explaining your situation. We work in small teams, and if you come to the carers group, you will soon know us all.

Below you can find some more details of the important services we offer. If it is not listed, we may still be able to help. Please contact us on 0121 553 6483 if you have any questions,

Information & Access To Services

We will use our experience to help you find services that can make life easier for you and the person you look after. The services people need can be different for every family, and people often use different services at different points on their dementia journey. We have worked with hundreds of families for over a decade, and our experience allows us to talk you through some of your options.


Sometimes we all need someone to talk things through with. We will listen to you, respect your confidentiality, and offer some suggestions that may make things better. We don’t want to make decisions for you, but we will help you to better understand the situation you may be in, and make an informed decision for you and your loved one. We are also full of little tips and tricks that we have picked up from families just like yours. Sometimes the way you approach things with people with dementia can make all the difference. We will share our knowledge with you and maybe something we suggest might help. There is no right or wrong way to care, we all have to find a way that works for us.


Carers are incredibly busy people. All your time is taken up with looking after the person you care for, getting them to the right appointments etc, or even just getting them up! On top of all that, there are a whole load of new things to deal with, and when that huge form or an appointment for an assessment comes, it can all be too much. You might not have any experience of dealing with services and benefits before and it can be exhausting and confusing. We can help you with filling out forms, being with you at assessments and explaining how it all works.


We all need a little support to keep us going, and when you are looking after someone full time, that can be difficult to find. We often have lots of people offering to help, but we feel guilty asking for their time, or sometimes feel that they don’t really understand the help we need.

We run support groups for people just like you. Our groups are weekly and carers can get together with other people in a similar situation.

Don’t worry if you don’t have anyone to look after your loved one, you can bring them with you, or we can help you find some respite support. Our groups are like a big family. It is all very informal and we will give you a drink and a snack to keep you going.

We have lots going on. Sometimes we will have a guest speaker who will talk about a service or a skill that might help you, and sometimes it is entertainment or a bit of pampering. We understand that there can be good and bad days as a carer, so there is no booking needed, just turn up.