Carer Home Training

Carer Home Training

Moving and Handling
We have a fully qualified Trainer who is able to provide Home Training to family members or friends who are carers. We are flexible with Home Training to try and suit your needs. As there are many individuals that contribute towards the care of their loved ones, we train the individuals in a professional manner which enables the carer to remain healthier and safer for longer, also providing the carer with peace of mind that they are getting quality instruction about maintaining the health and safety and wellbeing of themselves and their loved ones. Depending on your area & postcode, you may be entitled to FREE training on any equipment that may have been provided to you to look after the person whom you care for in the correct and safest way.

This can be highly beneficial in the contribution of care, family carers provide, as the cared for person feels they can have a better quality of life, as they dont have to rely on others to hoist them in and out of bed, to have time out with family.

Benefits of our Manual Handling Home Training:

  • Increase in Independence
  • Prevents injuring the Carer and the person Cared for 
  • Increases your knowledge on Health and Safety
  • More knowledge on Moving and Handling safely
  • It is done in the area where Moving and Handling takes place, taking into consideration space for movement, also considering the risks of that specific area.

For information on our Moving and Handling Home Training sessions and a breakdown of the activities involved, call Our Training Department on 0121 553 6483.


Family Carer Dementia Training
Our D.I.S.C Team will be happy to deliver Dementia Training in the comfort of your own home. Any questions you may have they will gladly answer and will provide you with an all round understanding of Dementia, enabling you to care for your loved one in a knowledgeable way.

This dementia awareness will provide you and your family with an overview of the specific type of dementia that your loved one has and coping strategies to allow you to deal with everyday challenges.

 It can help the family to understand more how the person with dementia is feeling and in turn allow them to be more sensitive to their needs and enable them to empathise with their behaviours and communicate more effectively.

Please contact Our D.I.S.C Team on 0121 553 6483 for more details.